Tuesday, 24 November 2015

WALHT:Share our free writing on our hub blog By Rachel

WALHT:Share our free writing on our hub blog 
We were getting our free writing book and chose one story. Then we published the story on our devices. We marked it against the blog rubric and then we posted it to the blog. I learnt to think more about how to edit and do my layout.
The haunted house
                                                                 One day a girl named Sarah and her family were going to camp. Everyone got to have their own big bag that they could put their camping gear in. Sarah was the smallest, so she got the smallest bag. She put in her torch and some toys. Sarah had a brother named Sam, her mum and dad. There would be two tents. Sam and dad would sleep in one and mum and Sarah were going in the other tent. They all got a sleeping bag. Sarah got a purple sleeping bag because purple was her favourite colour. Then they went in their car. Sarah was excited but scared at the same time. She was scared because when she would be sleeping there would be scary noises. But she was excited too because she loved campfires. When they finally arrived, Sarah helped mum to set up the tent. By the time it was night time she heard a laugh that sounded like a witch. She wanted to tell mum but mum was asleep. So she decided to go explore where the sound was coming from.When she decided to go it was dark and scary, but luckily she had a torch, because sheI knew, that she would go explore. The closer she got, the more clear and loud  she could hear the witchy soundI She saw a ginormous black house. She rubbed her eyes but it was still there. She went into the black house … she saw a witch and the witch saw her! She ran as fast as she could go and finally she went back to her tent and felt safe .

By Rachel

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  1. Hello Rachel, I liked story but I think you could of done a different font color but great job.
    From Devynee