Thursday, 26 November 2015

WALHT share our free writing on our hub blog. Title: Fairy Brand

The fairy Brand 
By Ashlee

Once upon a time there was a fairy named Ms Brand. She only had two wings, so everyone called her her Cray Cray Fairy Brand, and she did not like it, so she named herself Cool Moo Hoo Lady. She wore a tutu and she had to fly a marathon in her tutu. She just went one meter so that her tutu did not get sweat on it. Then she said I'm done and since she only did one meter she got disqualified. She had to do 20000 burps and then she flew back to her house. 

She finds Miss N at her house and she screamed so  her wings fall off and she had to pick them up and put them on, but instead, she put them on Miss N. Miss, N did not know how to fly so she crashed into the roof, and Ms Brand laughed and she fell onto the ground and the wings flew them self into the bin. And when they came out they were very smelly and, then they went back onto Ms Brand and then Ms Brand went into the  shower. 

Then the  shower smelt and when she came out she was as pretty as a rose so everyone called her Buttercup Lovely. She did not think that she was pretty so she kept on having more showers but then Miss N went in and said, "You are as pretty as a rose". So Buttercup Lovely said, ''I have had enough of showers I am going to go for a walk with Miss N''. 

As they were walking a frog jumped onto the pretty dress that Buttercup Lovely was wearing so she screamed to Miss N, ''There is a frog on my favourite dress! We have to go straight home even though I just had 10000 showers! I have to  shower!"
That is the funny end

My story of boss Dylan,Annoying Mrs Missi and little servant Mia M. By Kush

WALHT:Share our free writing on our hub blog.
We were to take our free writing in our books, and publish it on our device. We then needed to mark it against the blog rubric  to see if would make a good blog post.  We were then able to publish to the blog.

My story of boss Dylan,Annoying Mrs Missi and little servant Mia M.  By Kush

Once upon a time there lived two people called boss Dylan and annoying Mrs Missi . Dylan was rich and he would always make Bow and arrows and fast cars also he would make war stuff. Annoying Mrs Missi would always put makeup and buy fancy stuff.  Dylan didn’t like annoying Mrs Missi because she would waste money in girly stuff and also she would never stop taking she was a chatterbox! But one day annoying Mrs Missi was very annoying she wasted all of her money that was in her bank and brought heaps of useless stuff for her that Dylan decided to kick annoying Mrs Missi out of the house. Dylan was planning in his bedroom how to kick annoying Mrs Missi out of the house and go to another country without annoying Mrs Missi knowing what he is doing and where he was going. Later Dylan said    “MIA GIVE ME AN COFFEE”! Said Dylan “yes your majesty” Little Mia gave Dylan his coffe and Dylan snathced the coffee off Mia without even saying any manners.So the very next morning he took annoying Mrs Missi too a very quit place and then he started his plan and said annoing Mrs Missi look over there theres a big million dollar note but it was fake and then she ran to it Dylan started running as fast as he could back to the house and started paking is bag when he was done he quicly got his bag and went outside he got on his Buggati Veron and drove as fast has he could to the airport he gave his pass port and got it back he did the body check up and he had nothing bad in his clothes he got on the plane and he was going to south Africa it took very long when he got there it was day time he got to his house and Dylan had a buggati veron a Lamborghini andervater and a Hummer also he had a rich house and a swimming pool Dylan was very happy and annoying Mrs Missi just lived her life.  

The End!!!

Metacognition - thinking about your thinking (Y2/3)

Today in maths we went into the learning pit. We were doing our division basic facts at speed to see what our brain did under pressure. We stood at the front of the class in groups of three and Ms Brand gave us timed questions to answer. We were racing each other to answer.

Afterwards, we reflected by ourselves about what our brain was actually doing under all that pressure, and then made meaning as a group. We decided that most of us actually used some strategy to work out our basic facts. Which meant that they weren't actually basic facts that we knew and we needed to practice more.

We used reversibility to solve some tricky 9 times tables. Which meant we made it a 3 step process rather than a 1 step process. For 4 times tables we halved, then halved again.  This is good to know that our brain doesn't just go blank but finds a way around to solve a problem.

Now that we understand what our brain does under pressure in maths, we are hoping to improve how we answer division basic facts questions.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The New Parks by Kate

One day there was a girl walking by a park, but she never knew it was a park. That day she looked and saw it was a park. So she went to play there. Her name was Chloe and she had a dog called Coco, and a cat called Mika. Mika and Coco loved to eat ice cream but if they ate too much, they would get sick.They also liked to go to the park and they could talk. Mika was scared of dogs but she wasn’t scared of Coco. Coco didn’t try to chase her all the time. Chloe loved parks too. Her pets already knew the park was there, that’s why they always said: “stop”, but Chloe never stopped to explore it. Now she knew she would always go to play at the park with her pets. The pets loved to go on the spinning wheel, but when they got off the spinning wheel they always felt dizzy and sick. Then one day there was a whole new park next to it and everyone was there instead of at the park she had discovered yesterday. The builders were still building the park. Then Chloe recognised all the builders. They were called the Evil Club. She didn't know there real names. She tried to tell everyone that they were evil, but they didn’t believe her. Every Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter no one but Chloe was playing at the old park anymore. Everyone laughed at her. The park got older and older, and more lonely and lonely. Chloe’s pets still liked to go on the spinning wheel but for some reason they didn't feel sick after, only dizzy. After they played at the old park they got an ice cream each, and then the pets felt sick. They told the government, but the government officials replied that they couldn’t help, they could only clean it up. The government cleaned up the park and everyone thought it was new again. Everyone started to play there again. Every week Chloe built a new part of the park. The evil club wanted their revenge and they wanted everyone to play at their park again. So the evil club built more and more and everyone found it really hard to choose to which park to go, so they didn’t go to the parks at all! They kept building until it was going on the road. Finally they stopped and saw that no one was coming to the parks anymore. They decided to go home. They put spy cameras in their parks and slowly there got to be an even amount of people in the parks. Then a girl came and looked at both parks and said: “hmmm….. which one is better than the other” and she continued: “they're both fantastic!”. She chose both of them to go on TV News Live and they became friends. It was her dream to be on tv. All of her family were watching her on tv and she became a star. Then Chloe decided to be a singer and a news star. She loved to be a star and they were so famous that everyone went to their playgrounds. By kate

The Magic book by Maya E

The Magic book
Once upon a time there lived a little fairy named Holly. One day Holly found a magic book in the hollow of a magic tree. She cast a spell that let the pimple witch back in to fairy land.The pimple witch started to play tricks on Holly, like stealing her hairbrush in the morning when she needed it. But those little tricks led to serious problems and those serious problems led the pimple witch to trying to steal the magic book. Holly would not let the pimple witch steal the magic book, so she slept with the book in the protecters' tree which had a force field that protected the book and Holly. When Holly woke up Holly thought that maybe she could put a magic spell on the witch.The spell that she used was a hypnotising spell, it hypnotised the witch. As Holly took the witch's hat off, Holly defeated the pimple witch. But more trouble was coming. If she defeated the pimple witch more pimple witches would come and 100 more pimple witches did come.Holly was frightened and did not know what to do, so she cast a spell that said: ''4 kill time'' she cast the spell and it defeated 4 pimple witches at once. I shall do this to all the pimple witches and she did. It worked. What Holly did not know, is that if you defeat all pimple witches they turn into Evil Brand and they did. She took over the Magic book and made trees walk and pink polka dots appear in the sky. Will this land be like this forever or not.The end ... or is it? 

The Stonefields fairy by Devynee

Screenshot 2015-11-18 at 12.39.19 PM.png The stonefields fairy by Devynee
Once upon a time there lived three fairies named Milly, Karina and Kelly. The oldest was Milly, she was 16, the second oldest was Karina, she was 15. Kelly was 14 and one of the youngest fairies in the universe. Kelly didn’t like being a young and small fairy, because everyone was teasing her. That’s why she decided to wait at home for a little bit so she would have more time to try and get taller, but she could never think of anything to do to get taller. Suddenly she thought of an idea. Her sisters could give her a makeover. When her sisters got back she asked them if they could give her a makeover like a tall makeover with tall high heels and like a big swirl on top of her head, because she had long hair. After the makeover she went out walking in the city with her sisters. She felt tall but when she came back home she looked at herself in the mirror and thought ... I shouldn’t have asked for that makeover, because she realized that she didn’t care what other people thought so she took her high heels off and undid her hair and went downstairs to tell her sisters that she didn’t really care about what other people thought and they all lived ever after.

WALHT:Share our free writing on our hub blog By Rachel

WALHT:Share our free writing on our hub blog 
We were getting our free writing book and chose one story. Then we published the story on our devices. We marked it against the blog rubric and then we posted it to the blog. I learnt to think more about how to edit and do my layout.
The haunted house
                                                                 One day a girl named Sarah and her family were going to camp. Everyone got to have their own big bag that they could put their camping gear in. Sarah was the smallest, so she got the smallest bag. She put in her torch and some toys. Sarah had a brother named Sam, her mum and dad. There would be two tents. Sam and dad would sleep in one and mum and Sarah were going in the other tent. They all got a sleeping bag. Sarah got a purple sleeping bag because purple was her favourite colour. Then they went in their car. Sarah was excited but scared at the same time. She was scared because when she would be sleeping there would be scary noises. But she was excited too because she loved campfires. When they finally arrived, Sarah helped mum to set up the tent. By the time it was night time she heard a laugh that sounded like a witch. She wanted to tell mum but mum was asleep. So she decided to go explore where the sound was coming from.When she decided to go it was dark and scary, but luckily she had a torch, because sheI knew, that she would go explore. The closer she got, the more clear and loud  she could hear the witchy soundI She saw a ginormous black house. She rubbed her eyes but it was still there. She went into the black house … she saw a witch and the witch saw her! She ran as fast as she could go and finally she went back to her tent and felt safe .

By Rachel

Screenshot 2015-11-18 at 12.38.24 PM.png

Happy Halloween


Fun Halloween

Cool Halloween


Fun Halloween

Scary Halloween


The biggest cake by Inayah

The biggest cake

Once upon a time in New Zealand. There lived a girl with her mother it was the daughter’s birthday. The  mother was trying to make a cake for her daughter but none of her cakes came out right and after a little while she was all out of baking ingredients. She ran to the market and got some more. The supermarket was all out of icing sugar then she remembered that she had some left at home. She ran home and made a cake and put it in the fridge and called her daughter.When her mother took out the cake her daughter said that this cake looks big “very big”.Oh my it does.But it matters how it tastes.Her daughter tasted it and it was delicious.Then the two of them ate and ate the cake.


Monday, 23 November 2015

The Neverland Story by Emma Re

WALHT share our free writing on our hub blog.
We were to take our free writing in our books, and publish it on our device. We then needed to mark it against the blog rubric  to see if would make a good blog post.  We were then able to publish to the blog.

The Neverland story by Emma Re
Once upon a time there lived a fairy named Pirella. She lived in Neverland. One day she went to Puppy Princess. Puppy Princess lived in a castle. It was as big as the world. Pirella was delivering an old sink, but the princess didn't want it. The guards took the sink back to a wizard named Soup. He was a fixer upper. The wizard was happy to fix something, as he hadn’t been able to fix anything for a hundred years! It was fixed on Monday. Puppy was happy to get her sink fixed so she gave it to Pirella for her eighth birthday. Pirella loved the sink and she remembered that it was the sink she delivered. She said thank you to everybody. And THAT MADE THEIR DAY!!!

The End

WALHT self assess our work against a writing blog rubric.

WALHT self assess our work against a writing blog rubric.

Ms Brand's authors have been fortunate to receive a copy of Whaea Petra's (Tamaki Primary) blog rubric. Thank you for sharing, Whaea Petra.  This rubric has been adapted by many teachers within the Manaiakalani Cluster schools, but I believe the origin was started at a Point England school.

This rubric really made us think about our work before we just published it to our blog.

Using this in class today we have marked Emma Re's writing.  Special shout out to Emma for being so brave and sharing her work with the class as we built our knowledge in marking rubrics. We were also able to compare and contrast our results and justify our thinking.  We were also able to practice our concept of kindness and empathy as we were able to make connections that Emma is one of our peers and we were critiquing her work, so how could we do that in a positive way?

Now we are all assessing our own work against the blogging rubric criteria. Look out for our new and improved blog posts today.

This is a great tool that will definitely help us in all our future learning.

From Ms Brand's authors.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Obstacle course by Kaichi

On the Athletics day we do sport. We were watching the year 1 & 2 racing in the obstacle course. One of them said it was hard to do it and it was freezing cold.
When the horn blew you had to swap the games. It was really fantastic, fun, and amazing.
Everyone enjoyed doing athletics.  

Obstacle course by Niume

Athletics day
The year 2’s and year 0’s are currently outside doing athletics.On athletics day we saw the obstacle course. We saw Kaatia, Hanna, Katie, Zara, Isaac, Brooke, and Callum. We spoke to them about how they went well and how they felt like when they were doing in the obstacle course. They said they were doing well. The obstacle course is like a running race.

Sack Race by Maya

Some people were excited and were scared but they were being confident and tried their hardest. Here are some of the the competitors answers what they were feeling.
Ella said ‘‘I feel excited about sack racing!’’
Sofia said “I am loving sack racing so far and was very determined to do it right!”
Harrison said ‘‘I was determined to jump high and win the sack race!’’
Maddie said ‘‘I was determined to do it right as it was my first athletics day ever !’’
Sarah said ‘‘I  was determined to jump high and to win for my team!’’ She was a winner and was being so determined.

Athletics Day by Mia, Ashikka, Lily, and Rachel

by Mia.M, Ashikka, Lily and Rachel

In the morning year 0-2 did Athletics at Stonefields School. We do Athletics day because it helps us to keep us fit. Everyone has to do Athletics so no one has to do anything to enter it. We get split up into groups otherwise some people might miss out on doing the activities. The weather was cold and cloudy.

In high jump you need to have special equipment like poles and crash mats. High jump is also a very fun activity.
Divesh felt scared because he thought he might not land on the crash mat. Divesh also felt determined.
Zoe H from hub 9’s top tip for high jump was to do the same movement. Amy from hub 5/6 said she really liked the high jump.
JPEG ImageJPEG Image

JPEG ImageJPEG Image

Sprints is like running but you start from a different position. When you are sprinting you go into lanes.
If you go into a different lane you are disqualified. When you are sprinting you have to pump your hands as hard as you can. Tom from hub 5/6 came first in sprints.

Long jump is about jumping the furthest you can go. On long jump after you have jumped they will count you back foot and see how long you have gone. Manave came first in long jump and he is in hub 5/6. Blake’s top tip was to swing your arms before you jump. Bella from hub 9 said to push your feet of the ground. Zoe from hub 9 said she kind of liked the long jump. Macey from hub 5/6 loved the long jump because there was a sand pit that you got to jump in. Antonio felt good after long jump.
JPEG Image

Sack Race by Margot

Hello everybody my name is Margot I will be reporting about the Stonefields athletics day. I was reporting about sack races.I was asking lots of different people what learner qualities they were using. Firstly, I asked Ella from Hub 5 she said she was very determined to get into the sack. Secondly I saw Harrison from hub 9, he said he was determined as well. Nearly all the people I reported said they were determined except Isla from Hub 5 she said that she had to think.

Thank you for Reading.

Sprinting by Jacqueline

I am Jacqueline, I was over in the fields next to hub nine being a reporter, I saw determined faces. Parents were standing next to the running lines looking eagerly and happily at their kids and other kids. Thinking thoughts like what places would their kids come in? The lines were painted white on grass.  I was asking a few pupil questions as being a reporter and these are the pupil I asked questions to.

"Do you think you’ll win?"  I asked? Madi replied confidently, "Yes!"

Olivia Hub 8 was asked if she had any tips for sprinting. She replied "Looking in the distance" helps her to keep in line. Sofia L was asked "What place did you come?" Sofia  replied "I tied with Mashara". Emma Re said that she was determined in response to  “What learner quality did you use?”  Erica Hub 8 also said that she was “Determined”.

Athletics Day by Devynee, Kate, Danielle, Kaelan, and Ethan

by Devynee, Kate, Danielle, Kaelan, Ethan

On Athletics day we went out reporting the year 2’s boys and girls.

Long jump is where you try and jump the furthest that you can in a little sand pit.
When we went out reporting we first went and interviewed the long jump people. We interviewed Bella and she said she didn’t learn any new skills and her top tip is to fall on your bottom. Antonio said the long jump was awesome.

We interviewed Zoe H and she said it went good and she was one of the best long jumpers. Antonio said it went good I was one of the best jumpers.

Then we went to the High jump people. High jump is where you jump over a pole and try land on the mat. Brodie did a great jump.Then we went to the High jump people

Brodie he had no strategy but felt great about it. Divesh said that he was happy and he thought that he was determined.

Sprinting is where you try to come first in a race. Emma Re came second in her race. We interviewed Kaelan’s brother at the sprinting he said he felt good. We also interviewed Gabby from Hub 5/6 he said it was fun.

As we prepare to go out and do our athletics we feel excited and confident for sprints.

Obstacle course by Ashlee

On November 12th we had a Athletes day. We were looking at the obstacle course. For the obstacle course they had to go on the stilts, then throw the ball up and catch it, and then moon hop around a box and then sprint back and tag the next person. They had to be determined to keep going. Mrs Freddy and Mrs Aitkinson had to support the people who were going. They raced two at a time went. Everyone looked like they were having lots of fun.

Introducing our athletics day reporters

Today is a great day for Stonefields Athletics.
It is an overcast day with the sun fighting to come out from the clouds.  All the Y0-2 learners are currently out in the field participating in athletics day.

Hub 9 Year 3 learners are also 'out in the field' but for a different reason. Today they are our online bloggers.

They have splintered into groups of 4 and are out capturing all the highlights from the day.

Stay tuned for more fast breaking athletics stories...

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Our amazing Movie Presenters

Jacqueline and Dinesan did an amazing job presenting our movie: How to be a CyberSmart Ninja at the 2015 Manaiakalani Film Festival.

Not only were these two convincing actors in our movie, they also showed what excellent presenters they were by writing their own scripts to introduce our film.

Tino pai!  We are so proud of them and look forward to seeing what 'on screen' and 'on stage' adventures they have in the near future.

LH9 Teachers
Mrs Harduar, Mrs Purcell, and Ms Brand

The Fair by Ashlee

On the  seventeenth of October, Stonefields had a School fair. Me and my Mum, Tracy, helped at the baking stall with Meegan. We were selling our baking.After we had a break.
We got some books and jewelry, and bought some of the baking. Then we went back to the baking stall to work again. My mum said, “Do you want to go on the bouncy slide?” and I said “Yes!” My mum gave me one dollar, and I gave it to the girl who was there.  She said “Take your shoes off” and I did. Then I went on and it was awesome.So I went on again.
I went back to help my mum and we kept selling the baking. Then my mum said, “It is time to go”. After I  got free candy floss and three free sherbet and went home. Overall it was great day and I felt happy.

Stonefields school fair by Mia

On Saturday the 17th of October at 10:00 am I went to the school fair with my family. It was at Stonefields School. First we walked to the school. Then we went to the stand my Mum was at. Then me and my dad and my brother went to get some lunch because at 11:30 am I had to work at the hub 9 baking stall for half an hour. When we were helping at the stand we got to try some coconut ice for free it was very yummy.  Someone came to our baking stall who bought some sherbet with a lollipop. When I had finished at my stall I went to the sponge throw and I threw a sponge at my dad, he was soaking head to toe! Later we went to the field to go into the inflatable balls, they were $2 for half an hour, they were very fun. Later we went to see PJ the clown, he was very funny, he balanced a plate on a stick and made a rainbow shaped balloon. After that I walked around the school and looked at the stalls, and bought the things I liked. These are some of the things I bought: baking, a peg mermaid, a pet rock, some juice and some finger puppets. After that we played some games, we played smash the plates, it was very fun. Then we went to the hall to see the St Heliers school cheerleading. It was cool. Lastly the fair was over and we went home. I really enjoyed the fair it was very fun.

Being a CyberSmart Ninja - Manaiakalani Film Festival Entry

Being a CyberSmart Ninja

Hub 9 learners were inspired to share their amazing cybersmart skills that they learned with Mrs Grant every Monday.  We decided that we wanted to become CyberSmart Ninjas and thought about how we might do that.

Are you a CyberSmart Ninja?  Your online choices will decide your destiny.

Thanks for watching.  We hope you enjoyed it.  Please leave a comment.

Monday, 9 November 2015

The Holidays by Rachel

In the holidays I went to China. First my family and me went to the airport, my uncle drove us to the airport. When they had checked our luggage and other stuff, we went in the airplane. It took  a long time. We were going to Hong Kong. When we got back it was very late.The reason we went to China is because we were visiting my family members. We got to go to Disneyland and it was really hot. There were a lot of rides. We got to watch a short movie in 4D. Overall my favourite ride was a ride that went really fast and went backward and forwards. My family and me watched a  Lion King movie but people were acting and when we got out it was around nighttime. We ate dinner at Disneyland. After we ate dinner we got to see the fireworks and then we left. We also went to a wedding. We got to eat dinner after the wedding. We went on a bus to drive us back to my  relatives house where my family and me were living when we were at Hong Kong. After we went to another place in China we stayed there longer than we did in Hong Kong. We stayed at my grandma’s and grandpa’s house. A lot of people invited us to have dinner and they were my mum’s friends and my dad’s friends.We also went to a science place with my auntie and cousin. There were loads of places, my favourite was the place where there were illusions. There was a mirror maze which was hard to get out of. There also was a short movie and it was in 4D. We got to far places by a train and some closer places we went by taxi. We went to a place to go swimming and we went with some other people. We went to a place where we could watch movies and we watched a movie and it was in 3D.The favourite place I went was Disneyland. At last we were going back. We had go to Hong Kong, then New Zealand.The ride to Hong Kong was short and the ride to New Zealand wasn’t because one of the engines wasn’t working so we had to stop at Sydney Airport and then we waited for the airplane to arrive and then we went back to New Zealand. I liked going to China.