Thursday, 12 November 2015

Obstacle course by Ashlee

On November 12th we had a Athletes day. We were looking at the obstacle course. For the obstacle course they had to go on the stilts, then throw the ball up and catch it, and then moon hop around a box and then sprint back and tag the next person. They had to be determined to keep going. Mrs Freddy and Mrs Aitkinson had to support the people who were going. They raced two at a time went. Everyone looked like they were having lots of fun.


  1. hi Ashlee I really like your athletics day story, I also like that photo you included

  2. Dear Ashlee,
    I like how you had pictures of year 0-2 doing the obstacle course. I like how you are specific about what obstacles are in the obstacle course. Athletics last week must of been quite alot of fun. Next time you should do quotes from participants/teachers/parents.Where have you been doing the athletics?