Friday, 21 March 2014

Paper mâché Cat for the SPCA

Today we began to make our paper mache cat. We collaborated together to rip the paper and glue it onto that balloon. We can't wait until it's finished, so we can take it to the SPCA. 
By Joshua and Aixa

Break Through

Mrs England's Break Through Fridays!

 Taylor was determined to find out information from a book she found about balloons. She sat with Mrs England and found out some new information about balloons by listening and reflecting on the information Mrs England read. She now knows balloons are filled with air and gas. They get bigger when they are filled with air and they become heavier. When they are not blown up they are light. 

Oliver has been VERY determined! He wanted to tie a balloon up from day one of break through and guess what??!!! HE HAS DONE IT!! He was able to think, and reflect, about how to tie a balloon using YouTube clips and reading articles on google search- AWESOME thinking and connecting! He has definitely used the learning process by making meaning with his research and now applying his understandings by using the clips to help him.
 I am so proud of his achievement. He did it all by himself as well which is just wonderful! 

Fashion Design - Breakthrough Group

Fashion Design Group for Breakthrough

Maya, Jacqueline and Shanya are in the process of making their garments for their Barbie Dolls Fashion Parade.

Monday, 17 March 2014



Hub 1 came dressed in green accessories today to celebrate St Patrick's Day!
We (the teachers also) all looked amazing and made a big effort to dress up with green :).

We looked greentastic! 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Break Through!

...Mrs England's Break Through Groups...

Today the balloon group researched all about the history and origins of balloons.

Here is an interesting fact we discovered: Did you know that balloons originally were pigs bladders! YUCK! Can you imagine blowing up that! 

Brittany and Julia had some time experimenting and researching different types of art forms (origami). They created, with my support, a beautiful bow from watching a YouTube clip- lots of fun and doesn't it look stunning!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Mrs England's Break Through Groups

Mrs England's Break through groups

This is the dance group. They have been practicing on the stage in the hall. Mrs McDonald has been working with them the last two Fridays to support this dance group. 
The dance is really coming together. 
They are now working on keeping closer on the stage when dancing in a group and are now sorting out costumes for their performance. 

These boys and girls have been researching how to tie a balloon on YouTube. They found a wonderful clip.
You can view the clip on:
(the video can be viewed at the bottom of the page)

It has been very helpful to their break through goal- they are so close to achieving it! Go boys! 

The magic group have been practicing and researching a range of tricks they can do. 
Here is Justin doing his 'Cut the string' Trick. Enjoy :).

Here is the Dance groups run through of their dance at the moment (rehearsal #1).

Monday, 3 March 2014

Mrs Unka's writing group.

The planning phase of writing. We are using a picture prompt to brainstorm ideas for a story.