Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sack Race by Maya

Some people were excited and were scared but they were being confident and tried their hardest. Here are some of the the competitors answers what they were feeling.
Ella said ‘‘I feel excited about sack racing!’’
Sofia said “I am loving sack racing so far and was very determined to do it right!”
Harrison said ‘‘I was determined to jump high and win the sack race!’’
Maddie said ‘‘I was determined to do it right as it was my first athletics day ever !’’
Sarah said ‘‘I  was determined to jump high and to win for my team!’’ She was a winner and was being so determined.


  1. Dear Maya,
    I loved how you coulored the text writing it was wonderful! I loved how you asked learners specific questions so you can get specific answers. I also liked how you added a little bit of a story in Sarah's. That she won the sack race! How do you think she won? I think she won by practicing. What do you think your feet would feel like if they had to jump in the sack race? Who else did you ask?

  2. Kia Ora Maya, I loved your post about athletics day. I liked the way you wrote down how some people felt. My feed forward for you is the have a start that tells everyone what happens and what athletics day is.

  3. Hello Maya, Your story was really cool. Although when you're saying what the learners thought you could have split them a little or used commas to make it easier for the reader. My favourite part of your story is that you have made your writing colourful. Margot

  4. Hello Maya,
    I loved how you talked about the sack race.You could add how they do the sack race.I liked how you said that some people were very excited.I even liked how you said Sarah came first.

  5. Hi Maya
    It sounds like being a news reporter at the junior athletics day was pretty fun. I love how you have included photos in your blog post. What was your favourite event to watch?

  6. Hi Maya, I really like your writing because you wrote what some other learners said. How many learners did you ask?

  7. Hi Maya
    I really like your post with me in it, because you did a great job. I would love to see more
    of your post.

  8. Hi Maya
    thank you for the writing on hub nines blog.I really enjoyed it.

  9. Great work Maya, on information about the sack race. I also was a little scared while I was jumping, because I felt like I was going to fall.I liked your report of athletics day. Next time you could ask one of the other events.

  10. Hi Maya I really like how you had colourful words what were light blue and purple. I liked how you talked about the sack race because you said that Sarah won. Sarah is my friend so that was good news.

    1. Hey Maya, I really like your post. It was really good of you to put the athletics day on the hub blog. I also liked how you had pictures of the people doing the races. I came first in the sprinting. What place did you come in sprinting?

  11. Maya, you wrote a good story but next time don't just talk about Sarah all of the time take, maybe talk about the other people to?