Thursday, 12 November 2015

Introducing our athletics day reporters

Today is a great day for Stonefields Athletics.
It is an overcast day with the sun fighting to come out from the clouds.  All the Y0-2 learners are currently out in the field participating in athletics day.

Hub 9 Year 3 learners are also 'out in the field' but for a different reason. Today they are our online bloggers.

They have splintered into groups of 4 and are out capturing all the highlights from the day.

Stay tuned for more fast breaking athletics stories...

1 comment:

  1. Dear Ms Brand,
    I love how you introduced the blogging reporters to us. I am very excited about reading their blog posts. Athletics day last week looks like it was a lot of fun. Having roaming reporters in the field was a great way to have authentic learning. I especially liked how the photos added a new dimension to your story. The learners looked like they had a lot of fun. Maybe next time you could have interviewed the bloggers to get their opinion on the day.
    Tino pai,