Thursday, 12 November 2015

Athletics Day by Devynee, Kate, Danielle, Kaelan, and Ethan

by Devynee, Kate, Danielle, Kaelan, Ethan

On Athletics day we went out reporting the year 2’s boys and girls.

Long jump is where you try and jump the furthest that you can in a little sand pit.
When we went out reporting we first went and interviewed the long jump people. We interviewed Bella and she said she didn’t learn any new skills and her top tip is to fall on your bottom. Antonio said the long jump was awesome.

We interviewed Zoe H and she said it went good and she was one of the best long jumpers. Antonio said it went good I was one of the best jumpers.

Then we went to the High jump people. High jump is where you jump over a pole and try land on the mat. Brodie did a great jump.Then we went to the High jump people

Brodie he had no strategy but felt great about it. Divesh said that he was happy and he thought that he was determined.

Sprinting is where you try to come first in a race. Emma Re came second in her race. We interviewed Kaelan’s brother at the sprinting he said he felt good. We also interviewed Gabby from Hub 5/6 he said it was fun.

As we prepare to go out and do our athletics we feel excited and confident for sprints.


  1. hello Devynee, Kate, Danielle, Kaelan, Ethan,
    I really like you story I also really like the photos you put in you writing.

  2. Dear Kate,Devynee,Ethan and Danielle,
    I like how you went to different activities and asked how they felt about it. I like how you gave a little idea of what it might be. I think it is a good idea not just asking hub nine asking hub 8 and hub 5/6 as well.

  3. Hi Hub 9,
    I like all your detail in your report. You really explained how everyone was feeling on the day. For a while I was second in the long jump then I got overtaken. I enjoyed Athletics.

  4. by Devynee, Kate, Danielle, Kaelan, Ethan I really liked your report on athletics day it was so good .I really liked when you said that Antonio and Zoe H were one of the best long jumpers.