Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Fair by Ashlee

On the  seventeenth of October, Stonefields had a School fair. Me and my Mum, Tracy, helped at the baking stall with Meegan. We were selling our baking.After we had a break.
We got some books and jewelry, and bought some of the baking. Then we went back to the baking stall to work again. My mum said, “Do you want to go on the bouncy slide?” and I said “Yes!” My mum gave me one dollar, and I gave it to the girl who was there.  She said “Take your shoes off” and I did. Then I went on and it was awesome.So I went on again.
I went back to help my mum and we kept selling the baking. Then my mum said, “It is time to go”. After I  got free candy floss and three free sherbet and went home. Overall it was great day and I felt happy.

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