Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The New Parks by Kate

One day there was a girl walking by a park, but she never knew it was a park. That day she looked and saw it was a park. So she went to play there. Her name was Chloe and she had a dog called Coco, and a cat called Mika. Mika and Coco loved to eat ice cream but if they ate too much, they would get sick.They also liked to go to the park and they could talk. Mika was scared of dogs but she wasn’t scared of Coco. Coco didn’t try to chase her all the time. Chloe loved parks too. Her pets already knew the park was there, that’s why they always said: “stop”, but Chloe never stopped to explore it. Now she knew she would always go to play at the park with her pets. The pets loved to go on the spinning wheel, but when they got off the spinning wheel they always felt dizzy and sick. Then one day there was a whole new park next to it and everyone was there instead of at the park she had discovered yesterday. The builders were still building the park. Then Chloe recognised all the builders. They were called the Evil Club. She didn't know there real names. She tried to tell everyone that they were evil, but they didn’t believe her. Every Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter no one but Chloe was playing at the old park anymore. Everyone laughed at her. The park got older and older, and more lonely and lonely. Chloe’s pets still liked to go on the spinning wheel but for some reason they didn't feel sick after, only dizzy. After they played at the old park they got an ice cream each, and then the pets felt sick. They told the government, but the government officials replied that they couldn’t help, they could only clean it up. The government cleaned up the park and everyone thought it was new again. Everyone started to play there again. Every week Chloe built a new part of the park. The evil club wanted their revenge and they wanted everyone to play at their park again. So the evil club built more and more and everyone found it really hard to choose to which park to go, so they didn’t go to the parks at all! They kept building until it was going on the road. Finally they stopped and saw that no one was coming to the parks anymore. They decided to go home. They put spy cameras in their parks and slowly there got to be an even amount of people in the parks. Then a girl came and looked at both parks and said: “hmmm….. which one is better than the other” and she continued: “they're both fantastic!”. She chose both of them to go on TV News Live and they became friends. It was her dream to be on tv. All of her family were watching her on tv and she became a star. Then Chloe decided to be a singer and a news star. She loved to be a star and they were so famous that everyone went to their playgrounds. By kate


  1. I think your was great story

  2. Hello Kate,
    I like your story but next time you shouldn’t put half highlighted and you should've added a picture.

  3. Dear kate, I liked your sentences and the way you decribed the story that you did. You did your writting process well.