Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Stonefields school fair by Mia

On Saturday the 17th of October at 10:00 am I went to the school fair with my family. It was at Stonefields School. First we walked to the school. Then we went to the stand my Mum was at. Then me and my dad and my brother went to get some lunch because at 11:30 am I had to work at the hub 9 baking stall for half an hour. When we were helping at the stand we got to try some coconut ice for free it was very yummy.  Someone came to our baking stall who bought some sherbet with a lollipop. When I had finished at my stall I went to the sponge throw and I threw a sponge at my dad, he was soaking head to toe! Later we went to the field to go into the inflatable balls, they were $2 for half an hour, they were very fun. Later we went to see PJ the clown, he was very funny, he balanced a plate on a stick and made a rainbow shaped balloon. After that I walked around the school and looked at the stalls, and bought the things I liked. These are some of the things I bought: baking, a peg mermaid, a pet rock, some juice and some finger puppets. After that we played some games, we played smash the plates, it was very fun. Then we went to the hall to see the St Heliers school cheerleading. It was cool. Lastly the fair was over and we went home. I really enjoyed the fair it was very fun.

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