Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Magic book by Maya E

The Magic book
Once upon a time there lived a little fairy named Holly. One day Holly found a magic book in the hollow of a magic tree. She cast a spell that let the pimple witch back in to fairy land.The pimple witch started to play tricks on Holly, like stealing her hairbrush in the morning when she needed it. But those little tricks led to serious problems and those serious problems led the pimple witch to trying to steal the magic book. Holly would not let the pimple witch steal the magic book, so she slept with the book in the protecters' tree which had a force field that protected the book and Holly. When Holly woke up Holly thought that maybe she could put a magic spell on the witch.The spell that she used was a hypnotising spell, it hypnotised the witch. As Holly took the witch's hat off, Holly defeated the pimple witch. But more trouble was coming. If she defeated the pimple witch more pimple witches would come and 100 more pimple witches did come.Holly was frightened and did not know what to do, so she cast a spell that said: ''4 kill time'' she cast the spell and it defeated 4 pimple witches at once. I shall do this to all the pimple witches and she did. It worked. What Holly did not know, is that if you defeat all pimple witches they turn into Evil Brand and they did. She took over the Magic book and made trees walk and pink polka dots appear in the sky. Will this land be like this forever or not.The end ... or is it? 


  1. Kia ora Maya,Your story is very creative and fun to hear and I could imagine
    From Ashlee

  2. Kia ora Maya,I love your story It kind of reminded me of Ben and Holly from the little kingdom.It is also a creative story.

  3. Maya I think that was so so so so so cool