Thursday, 26 November 2015

My story of boss Dylan,Annoying Mrs Missi and little servant Mia M. By Kush

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My story of boss Dylan,Annoying Mrs Missi and little servant Mia M.  By Kush

Once upon a time there lived two people called boss Dylan and annoying Mrs Missi . Dylan was rich and he would always make Bow and arrows and fast cars also he would make war stuff. Annoying Mrs Missi would always put makeup and buy fancy stuff.  Dylan didn’t like annoying Mrs Missi because she would waste money in girly stuff and also she would never stop taking she was a chatterbox! But one day annoying Mrs Missi was very annoying she wasted all of her money that was in her bank and brought heaps of useless stuff for her that Dylan decided to kick annoying Mrs Missi out of the house. Dylan was planning in his bedroom how to kick annoying Mrs Missi out of the house and go to another country without annoying Mrs Missi knowing what he is doing and where he was going. Later Dylan said    “MIA GIVE ME AN COFFEE”! Said Dylan “yes your majesty” Little Mia gave Dylan his coffe and Dylan snathced the coffee off Mia without even saying any manners.So the very next morning he took annoying Mrs Missi too a very quit place and then he started his plan and said annoing Mrs Missi look over there theres a big million dollar note but it was fake and then she ran to it Dylan started running as fast as he could back to the house and started paking is bag when he was done he quicly got his bag and went outside he got on his Buggati Veron and drove as fast has he could to the airport he gave his pass port and got it back he did the body check up and he had nothing bad in his clothes he got on the plane and he was going to south Africa it took very long when he got there it was day time he got to his house and Dylan had a buggati veron a Lamborghini andervater and a Hummer also he had a rich house and a swimming pool Dylan was very happy and annoying Mrs Missi just lived her life.  

The End!!!


  1. Hi Kush,I really liked your story because you first introduced the people in your story and then carried on with your story.

  2. Hi Kush, that was a very funny story.