Thursday, 26 November 2015

WALHT share our free writing on our hub blog. Title: Fairy Brand

The fairy Brand 
By Ashlee

Once upon a time there was a fairy named Ms Brand. She only had two wings, so everyone called her her Cray Cray Fairy Brand, and she did not like it, so she named herself Cool Moo Hoo Lady. She wore a tutu and she had to fly a marathon in her tutu. She just went one meter so that her tutu did not get sweat on it. Then she said I'm done and since she only did one meter she got disqualified. She had to do 20000 burps and then she flew back to her house. 

She finds Miss N at her house and she screamed so  her wings fall off and she had to pick them up and put them on, but instead, she put them on Miss N. Miss, N did not know how to fly so she crashed into the roof, and Ms Brand laughed and she fell onto the ground and the wings flew them self into the bin. And when they came out they were very smelly and, then they went back onto Ms Brand and then Ms Brand went into the  shower. 

Then the  shower smelt and when she came out she was as pretty as a rose so everyone called her Buttercup Lovely. She did not think that she was pretty so she kept on having more showers but then Miss N went in and said, "You are as pretty as a rose". So Buttercup Lovely said, ''I have had enough of showers I am going to go for a walk with Miss N''. 

As they were walking a frog jumped onto the pretty dress that Buttercup Lovely was wearing so she screamed to Miss N, ''There is a frog on my favourite dress! We have to go straight home even though I just had 10000 showers! I have to  shower!"
That is the funny end


  1. good work and it was so funny maybe you could write a story about that when you are older from Maya.

  2. Kia Ora Ashlee, I love your story. My favorite part was when the frog jumped onto Fairy Brand's dress. That was a funny story.

  3. Hi Ashlee, I really liked your story I even liked the name Buttercup Lovely