Thursday, 17 April 2014

Our AMAZING Tapa Cloths!!

Tapa Cloth Art

Here are Hub 1's Beautiful Tapa Cloth Artworks, don't they look stunning!
Our Stone room looks amazing with these displayed on top of our whiteboard.

Please feel free to come in and have a look at these wonderful artworks anytime :)

Monday, 14 April 2014

BMX Breakthrough

Introducing The Super Star Girls!

Presenting The Super Star Girls

Dancers: Krysten, Margot and Hannah
Song: These Wings are Mean't to Fly.

Here is the final presentation of the Super Star Girls dance group.
Their topic for Breakthrough was dance and they planned, researched, choreographed and practised, practised, PRACTISED to create this amazing dance!
Enjoy :)

Friday, 11 April 2014

Certificates for Week 10!

Congratulations Hub 1 Students!

These 4 amazing learners gained certificates this week in Hub 1.
We are proud of their wonderful achievements!

Amazing Origami!

Amazing Origami Flower

Brittany lead her group to create this amazing Origami design. She had help from Carys, Julia, Taylor and Angela to create this amazing origami flower.
She collaborated with the girls to create different parts of the flower and then put all the individual parts together to create the final design. She followed the instructions correctly and followed the sequence in the right order to create her flower as directed. 

It looks stunning so far and we CANNOT wait to see the final coloured in flower!


Introducing Amazing Ainsley and Jumping Joya, the two wonderful Hub 1 Magicians.
Here is a trick performed by the girls today.
They made Ainsley disappear out of a box. A big thank you to the boys who helped out during the performance to hold up the blankets (they did a great job).

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hubs 1 & 2 Parent Workshops T1

Thanks to the parents and caregivers who came along to our parent workshops today. For those of you who couldn't make it or if you want to access the notes again, here is the presentation we used for both the Home Learning and eLearning workshops.

Mrs Unka's literacy group reading to self in our school library

Hub 1 and 2 Wetlands Visit


On Monday, Hub 1 and 2 went for a walk to the Wetlands in the Stonefields area. 
We were split into groups and had some time to play games.

The children really enjoyed themselves and the weather was just perfect for the occasion.

We all had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (even the wonderful teachers had a ball!)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Tapa Cloth Art

Tapa Cloth Art

Here is an example of the art focus that we have been focusing on in Hub 1.

The children learnt and explored the culture behind Tapa Cloth art and had a go designing their own cloth print.
We are still working on these. We discovered it took a long time to work on the design and getting the symmetry right was quite hard. We found it was easier and more effective to make our design simple, rather than with small detailed images.

We are now completing our final designs onto a grid outline and then we will colour using crayons. 

All of the designs are amazing and look wonderful. We can't wait to see the final Tapa cloths! 

Break through

Mrs England's Break Through Groups:

Friday the 4th of April has been a busy and full on day here in Hub 1.

One of Mrs England's break through groups, The Balloon group, have been reflecting on their break through choice and  have decided to move on and find a new topic/ idea to research. The children felt it was time to move on from balloons as they had researched about their history, found lots of balloon shapes to make and had a go blowing and tying them up. 
Half of the group moved into the art group, as they really wanted to research and find out about Origami, while the other half of children wanted to explore their passion in Magic, and were able to join that group.
The Origami group researched its history, coming from Japan. They also researched all of the shapes they would like to explore more in Origami. e.g. flowers, hearts. Here is the website that had a range of shapes to create:

Mrs Ponomaryova brought in a book for the group to look through and many of the shapes are easily created by the children independently. 

The Magic group brainstormed all of the tricks and what they know about Magic to know what they wanted to find out about Magic. The boys researched using YouTube all of the tricks they wanted to look into - blowing fire etc. They found out you need to use gloves and water and be aware of the location of the trick, so no one comes to any danger.

The girls carried on with their magic trick of making someone disappear. They thought carefully about what they needed to do to the box to make the trick work. They came up with putting a hole in the bottom of the box, with a door like function so it looks like their is no hole (Its a secret door). Wonderful thinking!

Even though one break through topic has ended (balloons) it is just great to see how the other children have become so focused and interested in their new chosen passion- bring on the next break through! I can't wait to see the exciting ideas and new learning that will come from this new research.