Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sprinting by Jacqueline

I am Jacqueline, I was over in the fields next to hub nine being a reporter, I saw determined faces. Parents were standing next to the running lines looking eagerly and happily at their kids and other kids. Thinking thoughts like what places would their kids come in? The lines were painted white on grass.  I was asking a few pupil questions as being a reporter and these are the pupil I asked questions to.

"Do you think you’ll win?"  I asked? Madi replied confidently, "Yes!"

Olivia Hub 8 was asked if she had any tips for sprinting. She replied "Looking in the distance" helps her to keep in line. Sofia L was asked "What place did you come?" Sofia  replied "I tied with Mashara". Emma Re said that she was determined in response to  “What learner quality did you use?”  Erica Hub 8 also said that she was “Determined”.


  1. Kia Ora Jacqueline, I like your report. My favorite part was when Madi said “yes”!

  2. Jacqueline i really like your story about athletics day. The only thing that you could do better is you don't just have to ask girls you can ask some boys us wall. but apart from that your story is really good.i really like it.

  3. Dear jacqueline,
    I liked how you introduced yourself and I liked how you said who the person you was when you had interviewed them. I liked how you said what they said to you when you were reporting them. The other thing that I liked about your story was that you said where you were when you were reporting. I liked how you did the story by yourself and I also liked how you said of what you thought they looked like. But I wonder what kind of strategy they used to do their sprints.
    Great job.

  4. Dear Jacqueline
    I liked it how you included learner qualities in your blog comment. It was good how you asked them questions like what place did you come and they replied confidently.W hen you asked Olivia what tips did she have did that help you for when you did the sprints?
    From Ashlee

  5. Dear Jacqueline
    I loved how you said that you asked people and what they said to you. It was also good because you said where you were. Your title was very good and I liked how you wrote who it was by.

  6. I like the way how you told me what you saw and what it felt like when you watched the Year 0s, 1s, 2s sprinting, Jacqueline. What would you feel if you came 2nd or 1st in the sprinting race you wrote about?