Monday, 9 November 2015

The Holidays by Rachel

In the holidays I went to China. First my family and me went to the airport, my uncle drove us to the airport. When they had checked our luggage and other stuff, we went in the airplane. It took  a long time. We were going to Hong Kong. When we got back it was very late.The reason we went to China is because we were visiting my family members. We got to go to Disneyland and it was really hot. There were a lot of rides. We got to watch a short movie in 4D. Overall my favourite ride was a ride that went really fast and went backward and forwards. My family and me watched a  Lion King movie but people were acting and when we got out it was around nighttime. We ate dinner at Disneyland. After we ate dinner we got to see the fireworks and then we left. We also went to a wedding. We got to eat dinner after the wedding. We went on a bus to drive us back to my  relatives house where my family and me were living when we were at Hong Kong. After we went to another place in China we stayed there longer than we did in Hong Kong. We stayed at my grandma’s and grandpa’s house. A lot of people invited us to have dinner and they were my mum’s friends and my dad’s friends.We also went to a science place with my auntie and cousin. There were loads of places, my favourite was the place where there were illusions. There was a mirror maze which was hard to get out of. There also was a short movie and it was in 4D. We got to far places by a train and some closer places we went by taxi. We went to a place to go swimming and we went with some other people. We went to a place where we could watch movies and we watched a movie and it was in 3D.The favourite place I went was Disneyland. At last we were going back. We had go to Hong Kong, then New Zealand.The ride to Hong Kong was short and the ride to New Zealand wasn’t because one of the engines wasn’t working so we had to stop at Sydney Airport and then we waited for the airplane to arrive and then we went back to New Zealand. I liked going to China.

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