Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Last Friday we went to hub 1 and 2 and we played some games.My favourite game was The Learning pit because it can help us get out of the learning pit if you are suck.My group was Kirshna,Kealan,Sarch and Mio.
My number was 5 and I was second and I was a bit trapped on the step  that says go back and I went on that step  2 times.I felt happy when I was third and I think this is a good game for the yr1 yr0 to learn how to get out of the learning pit.  

By Ashikka

Candy land
Once upon time there was this little girl. She had a dream. Her dream was to go to Candy land.This young girl lived all by herself. She was saving her money up so she could go across the other side of the world to get to Candy land. One day it was raining money. All the rain was 100 dollars.”Yay”, she said, “Now I have a enough money to go to Candy land”. When she got on the plane she was finally there. When she got out she was surprised. She saw her parents and it was raining candy. “Hey mum. Hey dad. How did you get to Candyland?” the little girl said. “Well I will tell you later”, said dad. “Now I will show you our house that we are going to sleep in”

By Emma Richardson

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Recapping our Te reo knowledge

Today was our last day with Whaea Jacqs. We recapped all that we remembered over the term. We covered our mihi/pepeha, and how we are feeling, also our whakautu.

We then got to play a game to test our knowledge. We had so much fun learning Te reo.