Friday, 20 June 2014

Robot - Breakthrough Group

Breaakthrough - Robot Group

Today with the help of J.J we are making a Transforming Solar Robot.  Solar means the sun or light is transferred like electricity.  I have learn't that the transformer will need to be in the sun for a longtime (Joshua).  I have learn't today that it is tricker than we thought, however if we need match up the numbers and follow the instructions it helps (Jackson).  I have lean't that Solar Panel can only work in the sun (Joe).  I have learnt that a Robot can be controlled the sun.  I have also learn't how to screw in the pieces (Thomas).  Thank you so much J.J for your help.  We couldn't have done this without you.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hub 4 Opening Assembly

Hub 4 Opening Assembly

Here are some photos of the AMAZING opening of Hub 4 celebration on Monday morning Week 7.
We were lucky enough to see the Kapa Haka group, the Fan dancing group and the Samoan Group perform to our school.

Here are some photos…

Friday, 13 June 2014

Certificates Week 5

Congratulations Hub 1 Students!

These 5 AMAZING learners gained certificates this week in Hub 1.
Great work everyone!

The Baking Breakthrough Group

Baking Breakthrough Group on PhotoPeach

Mrs England’s Breakthrough groups- Jewellery Group

Mrs England’s Breakthrough groups- Jewellery Group

These wonderful learners have been learning about Jewellery. They have found out when Jewellery was first made in history and how it has changed over time.
They have also explored different types of Jewellery made today and found out about all the different types of Jewellery.

This Friday the group focused on making shapes and Jewellery out of play dough. They decided to look into making jewellery out of clay. They wanted to start experimenting with play dough first because you can’t change clay, but play dough can be changed and reformed to make different shapes.

Here are some examples of the group’s designs and Jewellery with Play Dough...

Art Breakthrough Group

Hi We are Maya, Angela and Ariel, we are learning about how to apply crayon and dye. We have have learnt to use dark and light lines when sketching and also when using crayon or pastel.  We have be learning to add detail into our art pieces.  At the moment we are building our Knowledge and practicing how to sketch from real objects.  We are loving breakthrough.


Here are the amazing DANCE group from Mrs England’s Breakthrough groups.

These amazing dancers have been learning about how dancing has changed over time and how it began and where it has come from.

They are now making up a dance to present in front of the Hub at the end of the term. They have been creating a presentation about dance, which will be presented to the Hub alongside their dance.
Here is their presentation...

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Thomas, Joe and Joshua are designing a robot out of cardboard.  They are building their knowledge by finding out what materials will make the robot sturdy.  They are looking forward to applying their understanding to make an electronic robot.

Maya, Ariel and Angela are learning about how to apply crayon and dye to pieces of art work.  They are copying images to make them look real and adding dye to give their pictures more life.

Friday, 6 June 2014

...Jewellery Breakthrough...

Here are the AMAZING Jewellery Breakthrough group.

They have been working great together today. They have come up with a plan of what Jewellery they want to make and what one they will make first, second and lastly. 

It has been great to see how on task and focused they are as learners! 

...Our Writing Wall...

...Our Writing Wall... 

Here is Hub 1's Writing Wall. This wall shows where the children are achieving and what level they are at for Writing. 
Each child is represented by a pirate figure and moves from ship to ship (from one level to another level) when they make progress in writing.

The children think it looks great and love their pirates! 
Now let's see them move to the next ship! 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Te Reo Day for Hub 1 and 2

…Hub 1 and 2…

We have been working together all day and have had lots of fun moving from one rotation to another. At many of the rotations we have been learning all about Te Reo Maori as well as playing a bit of Ripper Rugby.

During the rotations the children have been using and learning Oral Language, creating their own Mihi and making Koru art work to represent their families.

Here are some photos from our day…