Friday, 20 June 2014

Robot - Breakthrough Group

Breaakthrough - Robot Group

Today with the help of J.J we are making a Transforming Solar Robot.  Solar means the sun or light is transferred like electricity.  I have learn't that the transformer will need to be in the sun for a longtime (Joshua).  I have learn't today that it is tricker than we thought, however if we need match up the numbers and follow the instructions it helps (Jackson).  I have lean't that Solar Panel can only work in the sun (Joe).  I have learnt that a Robot can be controlled the sun.  I have also learn't how to screw in the pieces (Thomas).  Thank you so much J.J for your help.  We couldn't have done this without you.


  1. Only a pleasure to help out.

  2. Robots taking not humans!The robots finshed the robot. It needs lots of sun.It took a long time to build. You try and build it go on have a try!