Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Stonefields fairy by Devynee

Screenshot 2015-11-18 at 12.39.19 PM.png The stonefields fairy by Devynee
Once upon a time there lived three fairies named Milly, Karina and Kelly. The oldest was Milly, she was 16, the second oldest was Karina, she was 15. Kelly was 14 and one of the youngest fairies in the universe. Kelly didn’t like being a young and small fairy, because everyone was teasing her. That’s why she decided to wait at home for a little bit so she would have more time to try and get taller, but she could never think of anything to do to get taller. Suddenly she thought of an idea. Her sisters could give her a makeover. When her sisters got back she asked them if they could give her a makeover like a tall makeover with tall high heels and like a big swirl on top of her head, because she had long hair. After the makeover she went out walking in the city with her sisters. She felt tall but when she came back home she looked at herself in the mirror and thought ... I shouldn’t have asked for that makeover, because she realized that she didn’t care what other people thought so she took her high heels off and undid her hair and went downstairs to tell her sisters that she didn’t really care about what other people thought and they all lived ever after.


  1. Hi Devynee I like the fairies names and how Kelly learnt her lesson. You could work on saying what school Kelly go's to

  2. Kia ora Devynee,I liked how Kelly wanted to be tall and then she thought that she likes being small.