Monday, 23 November 2015

WALHT self assess our work against a writing blog rubric.

WALHT self assess our work against a writing blog rubric.

Ms Brand's authors have been fortunate to receive a copy of Whaea Petra's (Tamaki Primary) blog rubric. Thank you for sharing, Whaea Petra.  This rubric has been adapted by many teachers within the Manaiakalani Cluster schools, but I believe the origin was started at a Point England school.

This rubric really made us think about our work before we just published it to our blog.

Using this in class today we have marked Emma Re's writing.  Special shout out to Emma for being so brave and sharing her work with the class as we built our knowledge in marking rubrics. We were also able to compare and contrast our results and justify our thinking.  We were also able to practice our concept of kindness and empathy as we were able to make connections that Emma is one of our peers and we were critiquing her work, so how could we do that in a positive way?

Now we are all assessing our own work against the blogging rubric criteria. Look out for our new and improved blog posts today.

This is a great tool that will definitely help us in all our future learning.

From Ms Brand's authors.

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  1. Kia ora Mrs brand ,I have found the writing rubric very helpful to use when I am writing and I use it at home to write