Tuesday, 12 May 2015

We will remember them by Lily D

I have been learning how to use time sequence words in my writing.
On the 24/4/2015 hub 8/9 had a Anzac day.  First we were split into groups with a leader and rotated through each station.  We did it to remember the dead but most of the time we were in stonefields school, in hub 9. My favorite station was the Anzac biscuits. I didn't help make them but I did do research. On the internet I found a link about the history of Anzac biscuits.  I watched them make the biscuits a little bit. It looked like fun. At last they were done. I got a gluten free biscuit but I ate it straight away. Finally it was time for the last station. At the end of the day they got another Anzac biscuit. I ate another gluten free biscuit as I walked happily away.


  1. What a fabulous piece of writing, Lily! I really liked your last line - it gave me a very clear picture in my head of what was going on.

    Some feed-forward for next time: Remember that 'Stonefields School' should have capital letters for each word.

    1. Lily D's Popa13 May 2015 at 09:22

      Lily this is just great. What a thoughtful piece of writing.