Monday, 11 May 2015

Lest We Forget By Jacqueline

I have been learning to use time sequence

Anzac Day

Last Friday at Stonefields school we did an Anzac day celebration. It all started when it was April 1 of my favorite months it was a perfect day to do a Anzac day celebration. First, we sat on the mat and Miss Brand was called Brigadier Brand and Miss Harduar was called General Harduar.  Then, Miss Cocroft was called commander cocroft. Last but not least Miss purcell was Brigadier purcell. Then we were split into groups we also had a name for our groups. My favorite part of my was baking we first had to wash our hands. Then we each had an sheet of 1 ingredient then Brigadier brand gave us the ingredients it was sugar,corn flakes, Then we put them all together when we were done mixing them we had to get a spoon and take some and put it into a small ball then we putted it into a tray and squashed it then we had to wash our hands again so after 10 minutes we just finished washing our hands. So then Brigadier Brand told us that we were going to be in for a treat. So then she said that we should tidy up so after we tidied up. It was time for a treat it was A wait for it IT WAS A ANZAC COOKIE!!
It was a fantabulous day the cookies were hexcellent!!!!
They tasted so nice that they made my stomach roll and groen and it also made my stomach rumbled so loud that my brain heard it and  bursted into laughter  

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  1. Hello Jacqueline,
    I really like your ANZAC day story. It sounds like those ANZAC cookies were nice.
    I went to the ANZAC day parade at St Heliers.