Tuesday, 12 May 2015

ANZAC Day at School! By Danielle

I have been learning to use time sequence words in my writing.
Last Friday it was ANZAC.It was special. We did rotation.The First rotation for m group  was the reflection of ANZAC day.I went in the trench.That was my fun part for me. My Next fun part  was the field of remembrance.We were marching.we were in battalion.The rotations were going in the trench , poppy making, writing  and publishing  , making ANZAC  biscuits,coloring in ANZAC flows. At.At the end of the ANZAC rotation we went with Hub 8 to the field of remembrance.we played  the ANZAC  song called the last post. The ANZAC biscuits were yummy.6.5.15 I Liked the it. I Liked baking  the ANZAC  biscuits.They are  yummy  to eat.We went with Hub 8 to the field of remembrance We had silence.I was in the Light horse  battalion. I felt happy to do the rotation.

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  1. Kia ora Danielle, I like the way you wrote about anzac