Thursday, 20 February 2014

Measurement: Learning about Capacity!

Mrs England's Measurement learners...

Today we focused on learning about capacity and volume.

We now have an understanding that capacity is the amount of space within a object and how much it can hold. 
We were able to order a range of containers, all different sizes, to see what ones had the smallest capacity, to the largest containers having a larger capacity. It was a very fun activity. 
The children gained a better understanding of how to find out how to find out a containers capacity and to see if it is larger or smaller than others. 

The children also used explored what millilitres (ml) and litres (L) are and how we use them to measure the weight of containers and their capacity.
We felt what a litre was, using a 1 litre milk bottle and then used this knowledge to compare other objects weight. 
We used a continuum and made decisions about where other objects sat on our 'buckets' (continuum) and placed where we believed each object sat by its weight e.g. if it was more, about or less than a litre.

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