Friday, 21 February 2014

Break Through!

Mrs England's Break Through Groups


Today the Balloon Group's goal was to blow up and tie a balloon.
Many children had a go at using the pump, but didn't actually blow up a balloon using their mouth.
Some children watched YouTube clips to work out how to tie up a balloon while others experimented using their hands and balloons. 

It is a hard skill and the children are struggling with achieving this goal. Next week we may have to use different balloons that the children can easily blow up themselves without a pump and they will actually be able to tie the balloons. 

Mujtaba and Carys ACHIEVED their goal! They blew up a balloon, using a pump, AND tied a balloon!!!!! AWESOME WORK!!
Caleb and Taylor had go tying their balloons- Keep trying! :)

Next step... 
We didn't have time to look at balloons online. Our next step is to look at balloons online (for experts to have a go) and use NORMAL balloons to blow up and tie.
                           Hip Hop Dance:

The Hip Hop Dance group have been watching YouTube clips of dance moves today learning some basic moves to add in to their dance. Its been amazing watch them learn from the clips and other members in their group.
The girls are enjoying working together and trying out a range of dance moves. 

Next Step...
Hannah taught the group some moves.
YouTube clips to learn basic dance moves.
Our next goal is to dance on the stage to know how to move and work as a group on a stage when performing.


The Magic group used Google search to discover a new magic trick. Using a scrunched up piece of paper you put the pencil on the paper, you slowly push down on the pencil and the pencil rises and looks like is it is floating.  They also watched YouTube clips to discover how to do different tricks.

Next Step...
We used Youtube and Google to find tricks. We experimented with 2-3 tricks.
Next goal is to find a trick that involves no hands and having something free falling/ standing.

Julia worked independently, as Brittany was away today. Julia worked on drawing an image and experimenting using water colours and paint brushes. She is becoming familiar working with a paint brush!

Next step...
Used water colours and experimented with paint brushes. House painting, cake and a present.
Next goal: Use actual paint to create the image- diamond.

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