Friday, 28 February 2014

Break Through!

Mrs England's Break Through groups have been hard at work today in Hub 1…

The Balloon group managed to ALL blow up their balloons. Many even managed to tie them up! 
We decided to stop trying to tie up our balloons, as it was getting to hard to do. We are now researching animals we want to make for next week and going to have a go at making them. 

Julia and Brittany were able to experiment with paint and create some wonderful paintings.
Next week they want to experiment with another art media and research some other medias to use to create art.

The magic group researched and found many tricks they can do (40 in 4 minutes) WOW!
This group was so focused today- good on you! They are not going to try out these tricks and bring some materials from home to help them do the tricks.

The dance group had some time in the hall today going over their dance and working together to go over some moves. They are now wanting to organize costumes for their performance and to keep practicing their dance to get better at performing on the stage area. 
They also want to create a document explaining all of the roles and dance moves each person can do so that they know who is doing what and as a group they know who can do what and that they are all taking part- good on you girls! 

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