Monday, 3 August 2015

What should I share online? What should I not share?

We can share just about everything online, but should we?  
We have the tools to learn online now we are  bringing what we know about what we can share online and what we really shouldn't.

Great learning conversations overheard with Mrs Grant...
I would share my favourite learning on the blog.
I wouldn't share my last name.
Some things we might keep private (age, how many brothers and sisters we have)
Some things we will definitely keep private (Our full name, home address).
I might put my pets name up there because if my pet got lost people might be able to help me find them.

We had great discussions about what we should keep private and what we could put online.  We then had a discussion about what websites we could share on.  We decided that we could share information on website that we knew who owned them, but we still weren't going to share our private information on those sites. If we are not sure we would ask our parents or our teachers.

Today we did a lot of THINKING, CONNECTING, REFLECTING, and being SELF AWARE about our online digital footprint.

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  1. Kia ora, Santiago you put so much detail that you must be proud of yourself Santiago