Thursday, 6 August 2015

Here are some of our ideas about why we think rivers, streams and seas are important!


  1. Hey there, I am a student from Wesley Intermediate named Siutaisa.
    I like the way how you described why Streams rivers and seas are important and I liked the way how you added strong ideas to persuade people that Streams rivers and seas are important maybe next time add more ideas to your writing so that people could try.
    Overall, for me as a Student I rate 10/10.
    Excellent Writing.

  2. Copper and Zoe H,I agree with you both and I would give you a 10/10 but maybe add a little more describing words.from Brooke.

  3. Hi Cooper. I agree, these are all great reasons why we have rivers and streams. I wonder if you could think of any other things we use rivers and streams for? I also thought of food (because some fish live in fresh water), for swimming, and for drinking (for both people and animals).
    From Mum