Monday, 8 June 2015

First Time Swimming
By Jacqueline   

The pool I went to was called WATER BOOM!!! The pool was in Jakarta. When I got in the the pool it was freezing. I did not have a kick board. I was only a swimming beginner. So that means this was the first time I was in the pool. My mum and dad were only watching me but they were not HELPING ME!!!!!!!! I was going down a giant water  slide so I remembered that I was only a swimming beginner then realised I could not swim. When I got to the end of the pool I quickly held on to the side of the slide and stopped myself. Then It was time for me to be determined and swim. So I let go of the side and what do you think was gonna happen? Well I zoomed down then I went in the water suddenly I quickly drowned. Then I did not know how to do this but I blew my first bubble. I blew the bubble because I was kind of thinking of a silly idea but I thought that a bubble could fly me up to the sky and put me to land again. But then I was out of air and my eyes closed automatically. Actually the first thing I could only do is sink. Then a life saver saved me. But I still couldn't  open my eyes. 20 minutes later I finished showering. I got sick I still could not open my eyes but I coughed a lot. Then I started to open my eyes slowly it still looked a little bit blurred. I felt still scared of going swimming ever again. It sounded like I was coughing. Well when I thought I was never going swimming again well that wasn't going to happen week after week I started to have swimming lessons every Saturday. The thing I do best in swimming is free style. I do the best at free style because I like to do swimming my own way!     

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