Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Inspired to be future Black Caps

Training to be future Black Caps?

BK: Practising our cricket skills for the last session with our awesome cricket instruction Iain.

Our determined girls took out the wicket competition with amazing collaboration. Tino pai.


  1. Hi stonefield,You guys are cool and I think you are also good at cricket.You guys also know how to play cricket.I am useless at cricket but i will get better.You guys are so good you even know the rules.

  2. Hi Azuredream thank you so much for looking at our blog. If you practise more then you will get better. Never give up, go forward and you will be a good crikcet player. You will be awesome!!!!

  3. Great work Kaichi you have done a great job. I heard it was freezing outside on the field.
    Did you never stop or did you keep going to win the race? Why did you have to go around the obstacle course. Did you win the race, Kaichi?